Skillzone takes pride in developing great coaches, our staff are all fully qualified, wwcc & first aid trained. with years of experience in the indusrty working at all levels from premier league football clubs to kindergarten children, you can be assured our staff offer an elite service that is leading the way forward in the sporting community

Adam Gatcum is the owner and founder of Skillzone, with over 10 years of coaching experience, Adam is a specialist football coach and currently hold his FA level 2 (C licence) also accredited in cricket, basketball, volleyball, softball and hockey.


Billy is an experienced coach with many years plying his trade in the uk, Billy is the TD at the Gvsuns and his experience makes him a valuable member of our team 

Curtis Hanley is a valued member to our coaching team. He is filled with enthusiasm towards learning and having fun and loves to get  everyone involved. Curtis has extensive coaching experience within his sport of lawn bowls, from beginner level to state level competition. Curtis has also excelled personally, representing Australia at the 2016 World Cup

Candice Gattuso is our registrations officer, Candice is qualified in Business and Frontline management, her services are valuable to skillzone, you will most likely see candice behind the desk but she is also not afraid to get involved in our holiday programs!

Ridge Corso is an experienced member of our team, having spent the last 12 months studying sport and rec we are excited to offer Ridge the opportunity to develop his skills as a sports coach, Ridge has a passion for AFL and Soccer an fanatic Collingwood and Manchester united supporter.

Zac McLeod is with us every Tuesday for work placement. He is currently completing Year 12 VCAL at St Mary's in Nathalia. Throughout Zac's life he has played many sports such as Soccer, Basketball and tennis with soccer being his favourite. Zac has played soccer since the age of 4 and for many different teams.  In Zac's spare time, he loves to go out the river with friends and family.  

Will Slattery is one of our junior members of our coaching team. Will loves his footy and is an integral part of the Cobram footy team. Will has also shown maturity and bravery, winning an Australian Bravery decorations Award for his heroic act of saving four people from drowning last year

Marlie Noonan is a junior member of our coaching team. Marlie loves sports and plays soccer for the Gv Suns in the national premier league. with a maturity beyond her years Marlie is a welcomed addition to our team